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♥ Wacom intous/SAI/CS5

Things I like:
Food/cute girls/Nintendo/Animal Crossing/
Zelda/Mario/Nippon-Ichi/Tales of Games/
Lots of OCs/Vaniallware games/
League of Legends/Ragnarok Online/
Arina Tanemura/lots of manga

and i'll think of other stuff.

Commission done! @_@ Thank you Bunny-Darien for being so patient!It should be transparent.Thank you to the few people who came to the livestream XD

Might as well bring this one back up since I basically redid it lol
It’s dooooone professor-maple-art
Secret Santa plans?

So.. I want to host a secret santa where people just apply and get accepted and then I randomly draw numbers and junk old school and assign people to people..

I’ve done like… 4 secret santas and last year none of my groups were doing it.. so I was sad :( Secret santa is fun..

It’ll be tumblr hosted and what not since it seems like dA is dead/I don’t really use it since I sketch a ton.

That and I can just organize the participates easily and what not

Buuuut… I wanted to get it started like.. mid-October so people have time and what not.

Yey or ney?

WIP for professor-maple-art
Headshot of my bard/sorcerer in Aura Kingdom, Miyon 
Headshot request sketches?


Send them over. I’m bored and can’t color tonight ; _ ;

Still wanna do this if people are interested

That’s not a sketch… fix’d
Requested by kirajoleen
Headshot request sketches?

Send them over. I’m bored and can’t color tonight ; _ ;

Don’t click the picture..