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♥ Wacom intous/SAI/CS5

Things I like:
Food/cute girls/Nintendo/Animal Crossing/
Zelda/Mario/Nippon-Ichi/Tales of Games/
Lots of OCs/Vaniallware games/
League of Legends/Ragnarok Online/
Arina Tanemura/lots of manga

and i'll think of other stuff.
Summertime Chibi Nara!
Willing to sell these for $7 each. 

you can also do top 3 most and least if you have too many characters nwn
Bust or Headshot sketches

May look similar to this style:


Price: A please and thank you is enough

Submit here.

Warning. Tumblr eats stuff

“Gazing up from the pitch black world The night sky seemed like it was raining stars”
Supercell - Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari
Throwback WednesdaySept 17, 2011
My first commission
Frangipani-chibi lineart
I have no clue what I’m drawing anymore
I was on vacation for the week but now I’m back

Thank god for civilization!! And internet of course

I’ll get back to doing request sketches soon

Once a Sonic OC hydrid love child. Puppy now